1. Free delivery and return of goods within a radius of 10km (from the point of sale of Gtek Company) applicable to customers Individual customers buying apparatus. Customers are businesses and organizations purchase from 1 set or more.

2. Shipping charge according to agreement: Applicable to customers who do not fall into the cases as mentioned in item 1 above. If there is a need to buy goods (but customers are far away, small provinces), Gtek Company will deliver goods to customers in two forms by car or by post. and customers will be responsible for paying the freight. There are 2 ways to pay the freight:

+ Option 1: Customers can directly transfer the shipping fee along with the goods to Gtek’s account (Customer clearly notes the shipping fee when transferring money). We will call customers to confirm and send goods to customers as soon as payment is received. Bank account name of Gtek Company is published on website www.gtekvn.com

+ Option 2: Customer pays by themselves Pay the freight directly for the car when receiving the goods. The fee frame as a reference for the seller and the buyer to agree is according to the general unit price of the postal service providers VNPT, Viettel …

3. For orders using Coupon code to purchase goods, please go to branches of Gtek Company to receive goods. Or you can agree on a delivery method suitable for the sales department.