GTEK INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY would like to send greetings and sincere thanks to customers who are interested in our company’s productsOur company will strive and develop more moreover high quality products and systems to cooperate and serve you better in the future. We would like to introduce briefly about GTEK INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION – is a young, dynamic and creative enterprise established in 2020, with a staff of long-term experience in the field of technology – especially in the field of electronic security technology.


In recent years, the society has developed, the economy has grown and the quality of life of the people has been increasingly improved, and when the living standard has been improved, the demand for security Security is also focused, especially the need to apply technological advances to serve life, to serve the economic development process, and especially in the face of the stormy development of science and technology. according to the urgent needs of more advanced and modern electronic security equipment and systems that have never appeared in the dictionary of the security industry before in Vietnam. In that situation, GTEK company was born with a mission to serve and meet all the needs of high-tech security solutions • VISION: GTEK leaders and staff strive to become a digital unit. 1 in Vietnam in the field of providing equipment distribution, system integration, providing server solutions and services for the Vietnamese market.• MISSION: With the guideline of “Continuous development for customers. customers” and satisfy customers by creating added values ​​such as providing the best products and services.• STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES :1. Continuous research to keep up with scientific and technological progress in the region and in the world, in order to provide customers with the most modern and latest solutions and products in technology.2. Constantly improving working motivation and staff capacity; GTEK Vietnam must always lead the electronic security industry in the creation and development of remuneration policies and career advancement opportunities for its officers;3. Maintain customer satisfaction, loyalty and attachment to GTEK  ; building GTEK into one of the leading companies in Vietnam with the best service quality chosen by customers.4. Developing GTEK into one of the leading companies in Vietnam in terms of: best management, best working environment, customer-focused corporate culture, promoting cooperation and creativity, the most flexible in the environment business changes.


With the guideline of “Continuous development for customers”, GTEK has gathered a Board of Directors with extensive experience in the fields of electronics, which is not only strong in business but also strong. technology has a lot of potential for development, combined with a young, dynamic and professional staff, creating the core strength of the company to fulfill the set goals. Moreover, on the basis of resources. With the company’s resources and the needs of society, GTEK chooses to develop business solutions and server services to serve the essential needs of society with a wide variety of products that bring added value. To consumers through after-sales services. Through the development process, besides establishing a system of domestic and foreign partners from big enterprises of Korea, Singapore, China, Japan Japan, the United States, the EU, the Russian Federation …. GTEK Company is trying its best to research, manufacture and develop technology I will try to limit imported products that can be produced domestically according to the Party and State’s policy of limiting trade deficit, and contribute my small part to stimulate the development of foreign technology.


The Board of Directors is elected by the members’ council. The Board of Directors is the governing body for all activities of the company, strategies, production and business plans during its tenure. The Board of Directors will be responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations. the company before the Members’ Council and current laws, decide on the undertakings, policies and strategic goals of the company, and at the same time supervise and inspect all production, business and investment activities. of the company.


strives towards the goal of sustainable development and becomes the leading brand in providing technology solutions and products in Vietnam with international stature. Relying on our own internal strength and expanding cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, we commit. Commitment to partners:- Become a strategic partner at home and abroad on the basis of “Cooperation, development sustainable development “long-term comprehensive cooperation”