Warranty policy at Gtek

1. General requirements: You need to check the goods carefully before receiving the goods. Item is delivered 100% brand new and has Gtek’s warranty logo sticker. The warranty period is in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty regulations. You must contact the correct Gtek support & warranty channel via email: baohanh@gtekvn.com or phone 0979.849.583.Gtek is not responsible for the properties. correctness or loss of data stored on the customer’s device under any circumstances.

2. Non-warranty conditions: Party A must ensure that the device is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, as well as the environment for the device to work well. If the device is damaged due to the following reasons, it will not be included in the warranty. Warranty coverage:- Failure to use the manufacturer’s specifications- The machine is damaged due to falling, strong impact, fire, explosion, lightning, wet environment, insect intrusion or power supply exceeding 220V- 240V- Use components for cryptocurrency mining applications.

3. Warranty method: All equipment is warranted according to the manufacturer’s standard during the warranty period. New goods purchased within 07 days will be exchanged for a new one immediately if the inspection of the goods is damaged due to the fault of the customer. producer. In case there is no new item to exchange, it will be agreed to change to another new item of equivalent value. Attention: does not apply to devices with wear-and-tear properties, devices that are cut apart, broken, lost packaging or scratched, dirty … Time to resolve warranty from 1-7 days from the date of receipt (except Sundays and holidays) and depending on the case may be resolved earlier or later. However, during the warranty period, we will lend products of the same type for you to operate during the warranty period to ensure the continuous operation of the Server. will be returned for warranty (repair with charge) or will be replaced with another product with equivalent performance. For non-repairable devices that are out of stock due to no longer being manufactured. or no longer circulated on the market, you must wait for the distributor to exchange for another item of equal or higher value and compensate according to the agreement at the current market price. The warranty period for the replaced product will be continued, not the warranty from the beginning. For the equipment that cannot be repaired domestically, it must be sent to an overseas manufacturer, the period may be extended. 4 to 6 weeks long. In this case, the store will replace a product with equivalent features for your temporary use.

4. For UPS (UPS) – Warranty according to company’s policy – UPS POWERCOM is warranted for 24 months (12 months warranty battery)

5. Preferential policy when buying a full set at Gtek:- On-site warranty within a radius of 10km in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi